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STARKE piling hammer

World's Biggest
Pile Driving Equipment Manufacturer

​​What we do?

The STARKE Company was established in 1993 and is the leading manufacturer of piling equipment in China. In addition to providing high-quality piling machines for all kinds of foundation projects, we also provide custom design and after-sales service, offering total solutions to our clients.

Our pile driving equipments include:
Diesel hammers, Hydraulic pile hammers, Vibro hammers, Pile pressing machines, Rock breakers.

For 30 years we did not stop our foot step on innovation. Improving product quality and customer service is our key purpose. In addition to being the market leader for piling hammers in China, our products have also been well received on the international market, with over 30 countries already using STARKE's equipment in North & South America, Southeast Asia, Middle East, Africa, and Europe.







STARKE has been providing OEM service for ICE in the US over 12 years.
Our diesel hammer are highly regarded by our customers for its high quality and excellent performance.

STARKE Piling Hammer

Custom Solution

Design and manufacture according to demand, STARKE provides professional customized solution services.



2 large plants, 50,000 square meters, 9 production workshops, nearly 100 sets of precision equipment.

STARKE support


After-sales tracking, establishing complete customer files, providing installation, commissioning and operation training, to provide customers with high-quality and reliable services

STARKE Piling Equipment


Offshore wind power piling
Civil Foundation Piling

 Offshore Wind Power 

With the excellent performance of the HHP35 hydraulic impact hammer, STARKE entered the offshore wind foundation field in 2013. STARKE's HHP40, HHP50, HHP605, HHD1000 hydraulic impact hammers have done great job since then, and they can both be used for lift pilings as well as barge rig pilings.


From mono pile to muilt pile, STARKE's HHP series hydraulic impact hammer got it covers. 

 Civil Foundation 

In civil foundation projects both at home and abroad, STARKE piling hammers are widely used. It can be used for sheet pile, H pile, steel casing, concrete pile and also timber pile piling, etc.

From HHP4 to HHP30, STARKE series hydraulic impact hammers can be used for rig piling, lifting piling, vertical piling, and rake piling. Customers have highly recognized its ability to meet their construction needs. 

Waterway piling


Due to their convenient operation and high piling speed, STARKE's vibratory hammers and hydraulic impact hammers are very popular. It is widely used in river management projects and has received unanimous praise from clients.

cofferdam piling


STARKE series’ Hydraulic vibratory hammer are used for cofferdam projects. There are hydraulic vibratory hammers ranging from SV325-2 to SV600 that are capable of driving and extracting steel sheet piles and steel lock piles. In certain circumstances, double-hammer or multi-hammer linkage piling can be used for steel tube piling.   

bridge piling


Our products has participated extensively in the construction of bridges and wharves at home and abroad in recent years, such as the HHP20 hydraulic impact hammer for the Temburong Bridge in Brunei, the HHP30 hydraulic impact hammer for the Muara Lassa Bridge in Malaysia, the HHP35 hydraulic impact hammer for the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge, and to name a few. It is less to say, in bridges project, it's our bread and butter job.


Working With
the Best Clients and Partners

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