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The STARKE Company was established in 1993 and is the leading manufacturer of piling equipment in China. In addition to providing high quality piling machines for all kinds of foundation projects, we also provide custom design and after-sales service, offering total solutions to our clients.

Our pile driving equipment products include:
Diesel hammers, Hydraulic pile hammers, Vibro hammers, Pile pressing machines, Rock breakers.

For 30 years we did not stop our foot-step on innovation. Improving product quality and customer service is our key purpose. In addition to being the market leader for piling hammers in China, our products have also been well received on the international market, with over 30 countries already using STARKE's equipment in North & South America, Southeast Asia, Middle East, Africa, and Europe.

We have obtained the ISO9001 certificate in 2000 and CE certificate for diesel hammers and hydraulic impact hammers.

STARKE piling equipment

Exceed Industry Standard

​Using certified components only

​Caterpillar engine

CHNT control

Rexroth pump


Quality Priority

"Quality is our utmost priority"

—CEO GD.Pang

Aside from being technically at the forefront of the industry, China's leading piling equipment manufacturer is committed to quality, which defines a product's longevity, we understand that the inconvenience of the product will cause huge losses to customers. A 30 year history of quality has allowed STARKE to be recognized by customers and the market.


Invest & Innovate

Test pile monitor room

Test pile

We built China's first diesel hammer testing platform in 2006 to ensure the quality of our piling hammers. The world's first large-scale hydraulic hammer testing platform was built in 2008, equipped with the latest pile test monitoring equipment. All of our products are guaranteed to meet the highest technical standards, and it also provides strong support for newly developed products. Additionally, we have invested heavily in CNC machining and testing equipment.




Working With
the Best Clients and Partners

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